Saturday, November 28, 2009

Awards & some general announcements

First of all, Tracey O'Hara (who's book I reviewed here) will be stopping by soon with either an interview or guest post - any preferences which? I'm also going to try and add a section at the top of the blog with a list of our 'coming soon' events.
The other thing I wanted to mention was, although it's still quite a way away, I want to do a giveaway when we reach 100 followers. I'm not certain about prizes yet, but I'm thinking of using a site like Book Depositry, so that I can keep it an international contest, and hopefully offer more prizes. There will be extra points if you're already a follower when the contest starts, so if you're reading but not yet a follower, this is maybe the time to press that button!

On to the award!
Tynga at Tynga's Urban Fantasy Reviews gave us the 'Honest Scrap' Award, which is for bloggers who write from the heart. The rules are to list 10 honest things about yourself, and pass it on to 10 other bloggers.
My 10 things:
1) I'm going to the French Alps on December 9th, to spend the ski season working in a small hotel.

2) I'm going to Edinburgh University next September to study Ancient & Medieval History, although I think I'm going to do some English/Literature bits too.

3) I live in the middle of nowhere, my primary school had 20 kids when I started, 50 when I left. The high school is a 20 minute drive away, and has a total of 500 pupils. If you want to get to the city, (& more importantly the nearest big bookshop) it's a two hour drive.

4) I got to be one of the 'cub reporters' at the launch of HP 6, the Half Blood Prince. It was a fantastic experience, and my signed book is kept carefully out of harms way.

5) I always do home made Christmas cards for my friends and family - I'm starting this year's batch this weekend.

6) This winter will be the first time I've lived away from home, as well as my first Christmas and birthday without my family.

7) My two favourite movies are 'I, Robot' and 'National Treasure'.

8) I've got two dogs called Malin & Brodie. Malin is the shipping area closest to where we live. We didn't name Brodie, because he was rehomed to us.

9) I'm useless at tidying my room, but I always know exactly where everything is in the jumble on the floor.

10) I have two main screen names - gapyeargirl is fairly obvious - I'm a girl, on my gap year. The other is Daeonica, which is the name of a play in one of my favourite books, The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I chose that one when I was looking for something unique that no one else on forums would have already.

I nominate:

Thanks again, Tynga!


  1. Yay! i may set up an award section - with moving icons :)

  2. Fun answers! I love National Treasure too :) And the signed HP is awesome!

  3. Thank you! And congrats on the award =)
    I've always wanted to study Ancient & Medieval History, i chose a class on Merlin during my masters degree and it was very interesting because we also had to study medieval history to understand. Loved it.
    =) I remember your Daeonica screenname ;)

  4. Thank you very much for the award!

    French Alps - I'm jealous :)

  5. Thank you sweet pea. This is awesome! *hugs*

  6. @ Emily - yay, that would be fun!

    @ Diana - isn't it fun? My brother & I can quote large portions of the film to each other.

    @ patte - I haven't been in the Dark Room lately - I'll have to get back soon.

    @ Stephanie & Juju - you're both welcome! Looking forward to reading your posts.

  7. The alps really? I'm mega jealous now.

  8. Oh and I LOVE i Robot and National Treasure tooo!

  9. Thank you a ton! I've been offline lately, but I'll try to get my answers posted soon.

    Oh, and enjoy the French Alps. My brother lives in that area and he hikes up there with his wife all of the time. I'm very jealous.


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