Sunday, April 29, 2012

A little more British

Being a British book blogger, I'm quite interested in bringing some more British feeling to the blog. You'll have noticed that most of the time, it's the UK cover of a book that I post alongside my reviews, and I'm participating in the 'British Books Challenge' this year to read & review 12 books by British authors. At The Overflowing Library, Kirsty & some of her fellow bloggers have come up with a new feature to share new books we've received, which will be called 'Letterbox Love'. You see, we don't have 'mailboxes' or even 'mail' here - instead, it's post, which is delivered to a postbox or letterbox.
I think this sounds like a fun feature, something a little more British. You can read the post about it on The Overflowing Library here.

I don't have any new books this week to participate, but in future, you can expect to see my Letterbox Love posts sometime over the weekend when I have new books to talk about!



  1. Hi there! I too had the same idea...and so my digests of physical books acquired are entitled In My Letterbox. In My Mailbox is reserved for the NetGalley books, and In My Inbox for ebook downloads!
    Here's my latest:

  2. @ Just Another Teenage Bookworm - exactly ;)

    @englishrosec - letterbox just sounds more 'normal', doesn't it? :)



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