Monday, June 8, 2009

Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore has the uncanny ability to make me laugh out loud while reading. And I mean really, really laugh out loud. So much that I have to put my bookmark in, close the book and finish shuddering with glee before I can continue to read. Its even worse if I'm tired... sometimes there's no turning back from a fit of Christopher Moore laughter.

Not many authors can acheive this task, but if they succeed, they are automatically entered into my book of masterful literary geniuses. Terry Pratchett and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee are the only other authors who have put me into fits of giggles while reading.

While Moore has many, many hilarious books, I'm focusing on Bloodsucking Fiends, a vampire novel (surprise, surprise... noticing a weird theme here? What can I say, I got bite by the vampire bug. Ha. Ha.) Moore takes something as dreadfully serious as vampires and turns it into an all out battle for who can be the most shameless. And make me laugh the most.

The story centers around a symbiotic relationship between a human and a vampire. Age old story, right? Not quite... Jodi needs Tommy to run her errands (yes, that's what we will call them...) during the daylight hours and Tommy... well... Tommy just wants to get laid. The antagonist? Another vampire whose stalking the pair. Our supporting characters are a pack of rabid late night Safeway employees known as 'the Animals' who bowl with turkeys, get high, and destroy lots of things on their graveyard shift.

Its hard to say which is more funny, Tommy's 'educational' experiments with Jodi (when the sun rises she's literally dead to the world) or the Animals' wiley Cheech and Chong like behavior. The real fun doesn't even start until the very end of the book when TSHTF for real. While it seems like more and more authors take an entire book to get to the point only to wrap it up within a matter of pages, Christoper Moore at least keeps you entertained all the way there.


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