Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Birthday Giveaway!

In just a couple of weeks time, I will be turning 21, and to celebrate on the blog, I'm running another giveaway! This one is going to be a bit bigger, and I'm going to run it for a whole month, so there is plenty of time for people to enter and collect bonus entries. There's some urban fantasy, some PNR, and some YA, so hopefully something for everyone!
I'd love for people to stick around the blog not just stop by to enter the giveaway, so I do ask that you are or become a follower.

If we reach 200 followers before the end of the giveaway, I'll add in some more prizes! These will probably more YA books.

So, what can you win?

Prize 1: A hardback copy of 'Evernight' by Claudia Gray (open internationally)

Prize 2: A copy of 'Undead and Unemployed' by MaryJanice Davidson (open internationally)

Prize 3: The full set of 'Dante Valentine' books by Lilith Saintcrow (UK only)

How to enter:
Leave a comment saying what you'd like to win. You can choose to enter all of them, or just one or two.

Bonus entries:
  • Tweet about the giveaway (+1 for each tweet) - just let me know in the comments that you've done it.
  • Leave a meaningful comment on anything posted on the blog between now & the closing date (+3 for each) - I'll tally these up.
Important things:
  • Contest closes midnight GMT on March 20th 31st.
  • Winners will be announced on the site, and will then have a week to reply before winners are redrawn. One winner for each prize, so a total of 3 winners will be chosen using
  • Prizes are provided & shipped by me (Ailsa)
I don't think I'm going to do anything big for my birthday (there's really not much difference between being 20 & 21 in the UK), probably just going out for lunch with some friends, but I'm curious - what did you do for your 21st birthday? If you aren't 21 yet, what have you done for any other exciting birthday?



  1. Even though 21 is a big deal for some in the US, I didn't celebrate it in the usual style. My parents took me and a group of my friends out to dinner at my favorite restaurant and it was delicious fun!

  2. Ooh happy early birthday! Mine is tomorrow so we're close together! :)

  3. 21 is pretty big here too (Ireland) although I think we look for any excuse for a party ;)

    I spend mine with my friends on a night out and had family dinner, I didn't want hassle of big party!

    Giselle - My birthday is Thursday, Happy Birthday fellow Pisces :)

  4. Happy pre-birthday!
    I'd like to win A copy of 'Undead and Unemployed' by MaryJanice Davidson, it sounds gorgeouss fun !

    21? uhh, here's in Hungary 18 is the biggest milestone :D I'm already soo far away from that...too old:22..uhh?
    but yay I hardly remember my party..i guess it was pretty calm and peaceful dinner woth my family and wild-loud party with my friends :)

  5. Evernight looks awesome... including the HOT PINK cover! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    My 21st birthday was spend getting my drink on at the pub! YUM! Only do it once around here!! :) Enjoy!!

  6. Hey Ailsa. (:
    Since I don't have a Twitter, I posted about this giveaway on my Blog:

    I'd love to be entered into the competition for the Dante Valentine series. I've wanted to read those books for a while, but everywhere I look they're very expensive!

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday (: I'm only nineteen and I have never really done anything major for my birthdays - not even my eighteenth, but I'm hoping to leave my teenage years behind me with a bang. I'm just not sure how yet...

    Take care.
    Beks. (:

    Thank you for this Awesome Giveaway!

    I still ponder between the hardback copy of 'Evernight' or 'Undead and Unemployed'. I think they're both amazing books! I wanted to enter for Prize Pack #3 but unfortunately I'm living in Philippines so I can't. Anyway Happy Birthday!

    My birthday is a month away from now [Turning 17] and until now I'm still planning whether to go to a resort and spend my birthday with my friends and family or spend it here on our house and have a sleepover.


  8. Happy birthday, lovely! :)

    My birthday is on april but i'm getting excited since march. Lol.

    I'll choose the Prize 2: A copy of 'Undead and Unemployed' by MaryJanice Davidson

    I tweeted about this too x!/NdO_Oth/status/178315707954630657

    I hope you'll get what you want on your birthday :)

    Cindy x

  9. My birthdays are not exciting! *-*
    And congratulations in advance, much happiness in your life :-)

    I'd like to win the Prize 1 or Prize 2.


  10. i think i ended up at a concert for my 21st birthday if i recall correctly. i would love to win evernight.

    happy birthday!

  11. As I already own Undead and Unemployed (and love it!) I'd choose evernight. :) thanks!!!

    kah_cherub at

  12. Comment (+3)

  13. Hello :3 I'd like to win prize 1 or 2.


    I commented somewhere... I don't remember where. But you'll have to accept comment anyway so you will see it!

    I usually don't do anything for my birthday... I don't like them.

  14. Oh, happy birthday to you! :)
    And thank you for the giveaway! Id like to win Everynight :)

    Thanks again,

  15. happy b-day!I had a surprise party for my 21 b-day!

    I'd love A copy of 'Undead and Unemployed :)

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  16. Tweet(+1):!/_anny15_/status/184211557352357888

  17. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day! :-)

    I would like to be entered for Prize #2.

    Thank you! :-)

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Thanks for all the lovely comments people! :D I'm going to have the winners up later today.

    Sera - Some people make it a big deal here, some don't. I went for dinner & drinks with my friends, and was quite happy :)

    Giselle - Seems like there's a lot of March birthdays!

    Emily - that sounds nice :)

    Szappanbubi - 18 is usually the big one for people here, but some people like to make 21 big, too. I don't usually do big things for my birthdays, my friends all live so far apart.

    Lindsay - hehe, sounds fun!

    Beks - I'm not really much good at thinking of fun things to do for parties.

    Clarissa - that sounds like a lot of fun!

    Cindy - happy birthday for when yours is - it's April now so it must be soon! :)

    Anasia - oh well, it can be nice just to have a day for yourself though.

    Fishgirl, a concert sounds good!

    Kah - thanks for visiting :)

    Disincentive - I think some people get a bit carried away with birthdays sometimes.

    Keetra - Thanks :)

    Reading mind - A surprise party sounds great!

    Stella - Thank you! :)



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